Steel City Smash – Hysteria Hamilton – Sat Oct 25, 2014

Sat Oct 25, 2014 11AM - 10PM $5 Venue Fee $10 Entry Fee Per Tournament.

Sat Oct 25, 2014
11AM – 10PM
$5 Venue Fee
$10 Entry Fee Per Tournament.

For more details click on the Facebook link below.

Super 1UP Games – Anniversary Party 2 – Oct 4, 2014

Come by Oct 4th and have some fun with us.

Come by Oct 4th and have some fun with us.

More info will be posted on our site and as we approach closer to the date.

We hope to see you there.

Super Steel City Showdown XIV – Sep 6, 2014

Summer is almost done but the fight continues! Super Steel City Showdown is back again for it’s 14th installment featuring Ultra Street Fighter IV, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late, and BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma!

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Trade In Your Games!

Super 1UP Games is looking for your old games and systems!

We’ve been around for 9 years, but a lifetime of retro video game knowledge. We are the experts!

We know our games inside and out and we know how much they’re worth and what they mean to you.

If you’re looking to offload your games, bring them in and we’ll give you an estimate. We go by fair market value, not inflated BUY IT NOW E-bay prices.

We’re looking for these consoles, games and accessories :
(disc based games must have proper case with manuals and sleeves)
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ConBravo! – July 18 – 20th, 2014 – Hamilton Convention Centre

ConBravo! is a celebration of indie media, gaming, and cosplay — and everything inbetween!

We’re one of the first conventions to embrace new media in all its online goodness. We’re Canada’s largest gathering of gaming and indie video producers, developers, and fans. In short, we’re three jam-packed days of fun, with concerts, games, panels, live game shows, vendors, artists, and so much more.

ConBravo! is held at the Hamilton Convention Centre, 1 Summers Lane, Hamilton, ON, L8P 4YC. This year’s show will be convened over July 18-20th, so mark your calendars!

Pre-Reg still available at Super 1UP Games and 1UP Games until the 14th. Click here for more pre-reg info

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ConBravo Pre-Registration – July 2 to July 14th

Hey Folks,It’s that time of the year again, ConBravo is upon us! July 18 to the 20th to be exact.

Pre-Registration at the store is $40, spend more than $25 dollars at the store and get your pre-reg for $35.

You have until July 14th for this amazing deal! Come on down and get your ConBravo Pre-Registration now!!!Click on the BIG ConBravo logo to check out the ConBravo website.

Super Steel City Showdown XIII : Ultra Edition

Are your ready!? ULTRA Street Fighter IV is here and it’s time for Hamilton’s first tournament in the new world! We’re opening up in a big way with a double dose of Ultra Street Fighter IV, in singles and 2v2 teams!

Date: Saturday, July 21st, 2014


- All Wireless pads are banned. XBOX360 adapter kits are permitted provided the battery is not in the pad. Ensure you desync your PS3 pad after each match

Venue Fee: $5

Ultra Street Fighter IV (360)
Tournament Entry Fee: $10
Rules: 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 matches per set, 99 Second Timer
Payout: 70/20/10

Ultra Street Fighter IV Teams (360)
Tournament Entry Fee: $20 per team
Rules: 1 set, 2/3 rounds per player, SBO style, 99 second timer
Payout: 80/20

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (360)
Tournament Entry Fee: $5
Rules: 3/5 Matches per set, 99 Second Timer
Payout: 80/20

Schedule: Doors Open at 11:00AM EST
1:00 PM – Ultra Street Fighter IV Teams starts
3:00 PM – Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 begins
5:00 PM – Ultra Street Fighter IV Singles starts

Stream Link:

Super Steel City Showdown XIII : Ultra Edition

Super Steel City Showdown XIII : Ultra Edition

Fan Fare Free MiniCon + Super Steel City Showdown

Super Steel City Showdown XIII

Super Steel City Showdown XIII

Retro Look Back : Pokemon Red and Blue

Pokemon Red Blue

Gotta Catch Them All!

Pokemon is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved franchises in video game history. With the original release of the Pokemon Red and Blue games in North America in 1998, the series became a staple of the Gameboy catalogue, and secured itself in the hearts of millions of kids, and some adults, including myself. In this look back, I don’t really want to review Pokemon Red and Blue as much as I want to try and figure out why these games were so great in a way that goes beyond the fact that I was nine, life was good, and I was having fun with the latest craze.

Everyone has that game, movie, and/or book that they can’t help but wish they could experience for the first time again. For me, that’s the original Pokemon games. Of course nostalgia probably plays a huge part as to why I think so fondly about my first time through Pokemon Red, but I think there is an appeal within the game’s mechanics that helped hook so many people the first time they played it, and it stems from two central aspects, the simplicity and the mystery of Pokemon and their evolutions. Read the rest of this entry

FanFare Geek Fest – April 19th – Free Admission



ConBravo! is happy to announce that we will be running FanFare Geek Fest on April 19 at the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel.

FanFare features a vendor hall, gaming room, and cosplay photo booth, and is FREE to the public. No admission fee required. We do ask that you RSVP however, so we know how many people are attending. Thank you!

more info below

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