Because we love you ! <3 – 15% Off until Feb 14, 2016

Becuase we love you!

Because we love you.

Super 1UP Games – Extra Life – Donate Online and In Person

We’re raising money for Mac Sick Kids! We have raffles and stretch goals! Come hang out, and help us help kids!

Don’t forget that you can donate at any time by going to

Also a super special shoutout to our awesome sponsors:

Super 1Up Games:
Chop Shop Goods:

Jacob and Thomas for 24 hours. These Super Hunky Dudes will be playing your favourite games at Super 1UP Games.

Today is the last day to get TRIPLE your entries for our grand prize raffle of 2 ConBravo tickets! All it takes is a $5 donation or more at…
ALSO! Throughout the day, we’ll be announcing our stretch goals! If by some chance we get past our goal, we’ll be doing various embarrassing/painful challenges just for you!

Pop in, donate, maybe even play a few rounds. Or feel free to donate from your couch watching us play our favourite games.

Super 1UP Games – 1917 King St East, Hamilton ON – 289 389 4263

Extra Life

Thanks – 1UP Grand Opening – Canada Cup

We just wanted to thank everyone who showed up and supported us at the Grand Opening of our Downtown location. We had a blast, hope you did too.

Also wanted to thank Vince Hui and Lap Chi Duong for doing an incredible job with Canada Cup just this past weekend. You guys are awesome, Vince, thanks for everything you’ve done at Super 1UP Games with tournaments and ranbats at the store.

And last but not least, everyone who helped, volunteered and supported both events. You guys are amazing, we love you.

*New* 1UP Games – 105 King St East, Hamilton ON

1UP Games has successfully moved from the edge of Westdale to Downtown Hamilton. Across the street from the Royal Connaught Hotel (Condos).

105 King St East,
Hamilton ON
(905) 389 0561

We want to thank everyone involved for all of their help. The store is looking great, with more improvements and fun activities on the way.

But for now, check out the sweet setup.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keep in touch for our IndieGoGo campaign coming up. More cool stuff is planned for the future, but we need your help.

10 Year Anniversary & New and exciting things on their way.

Hey everyone,

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who has supported us. This May will be our 10 year anniversary. That’s right, 1UP Games has been around for a decade! So thank you all for your support and friendship.

Secondly, we apologize for the lack of posts on our website. It’s been a crazy few months with tons of tournaments and special events taking up our time. So here are some highlights from the last few months.

  • Our Thursday Night Fight Nights have been going strong! So if you need to get some Smash 4, Street Fighter or Guilty Gear sessions with other people, you should come down.
  • Feb 14th Smash Love tournament  was a great success! We hope everyone had a good time and we’ll be setting up another Smash Tournament very soon. Check in for details. We’re also looking into doing weekly / bi weekly Smash sessions at Super.
  • Just this past Sunday we joined forces with the Baltimore House for our new friend Jesse’s birthday. She called it Seven Screens Sunday. It was a great time full of drinks and old school video games littered around the Baltimore House. Again, we’ll be doing a few more events like this in the future with the folks from B.H. Thanks to Jimmy, Grant and Jesse.

Last but not least, we are looking into another venture that is video game related. But we’ll need your help in doing so. Keep an eye out for the Kickstarter Campaign we’re currently working on. It will introduce a cool new spot to downtown Hamilton for all us gamers.

Hope to see you soon in the store,

Marc Nascimento / Matt Fox

-1UP Games / Super 1UP Games

Thursday Night Fight Nights

Remember folks every Thursday night from 4pm to 10pm we do Fight Nights at Super 1UP Games (1917 King St E, Hamilton ON).

We play everything from Street Fighter to Guilty Gear to Smash Bros. Come down and bring your A Game.

5 dollar venue fee.

Hope to see you there.

Fan Fare 2 – International Plaza Hotel Toronto – Nov 8

1UP Games will be at Fan Fare 2 at the International Plaza Hotel this Sat Nov 8.

Please note our Westdale store (777 King St West) will be closed this Sat, but Super 1UP Games (1917 King St East) will still be open this weekend.

Come down and have some fun with us at Fan Fare 2

Sat Oct 25 – Extra Life 24 Hour Streaming Charity Event – The Sound Test

So on top of having a killer Smash Brothers tournament this Saturday, The Sound Test crew will be doing a 24 hour live stream for Extra Life. #HamOnt #extralife #gaming

Starting Sat Oct 25 at 10AM until 10AM Sun Oct 26.

24 Live Stream for Charity, Donate today

24 Live Stream for Charity, Donate today

Go to Http:// to donate and watch us play some video games here Super 1UP Games.

Please share this with everyone you know. It goes to a good cause.

Steel City Smash – Hysteria Hamilton – Sat Oct 25, 2014

Sat Oct 25, 2014 11AM - 10PM $5 Venue Fee $10 Entry Fee Per Tournament.

Sat Oct 25, 2014
11AM – 10PM
$5 Venue Fee
$10 Entry Fee Per Tournament.

For more details click on the Facebook link below.

Super 1UP Games – Anniversary Party 2 – Oct 4, 2014

Come by Oct 4th and have some fun with us.

Come by Oct 4th and have some fun with us.

More info will be posted on our site and as we approach closer to the date.

We hope to see you there.


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