Happy New Years One and All!

Happy 2012 to all our customers and friends, we wish you all the best!

We thank you for you’re support and hope to see you soon at 1UP Games.

We would also like to remind people that we are back at our King St West location, 777 King St West to be exact. Please feel free to mention this to people, old and new customers alike 😉

Even thought we have a smaller space, we’ve crammed more goodies in our cabinets, and we also have also Zero Edge Tee’s available.

I must say, 2011 was an interesting year for us. Here’s a small re-cap :

Once again we were part of Anime North, as always we had a blast meeting new people, seeing fantastic costumes and talking to fellow gamers.

It was our first year for ConBravo (it’s second year running), had a blast meeting and interacting with Keith Apicary, Spoony, The Nostaligia Critic and many more.

Helped out Syd Bolton from the Brantford Computer Museum at Fan Expo. Had a blast talking to people about old school computers and video game systems.

Once again helped Syd with his vision for ‘A Cube of Cubes’. 16 Monitors, 16 Gamecubes in square shelf. Very cool stuff! It eats power like Pac-Man eats pellets!

Moved back to our old location, 777 King St West. It was a crazy time moving all the cabinets, we also realized how much stuff we really have.

Back in our old neighbourhood, next to Bayshore Hobbies and CandiWerx, while also being close to Comic Connection and Conspiracy Comics, the Westdale Village and McMaster.  I coined King St West as The Street of Geek.

We now carry Zero Edge T-Shirts, very cool designs.  Love the Mario Sushi one.

And we now have some old retro trading cards


1UP Games – 2012

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