Steel City Showdown = Success

Just wanted to thank everyone who showed up and supported Steel City Showdown, it was a great success and a step forward for the Hamilton Gaming Community.

Thanks to Toronto Top Tiers for everything, as always they did a bang up job. The Staircase Theatre for the excellent venue. We would also like to thank Personal Coffee Service for supplying our stock of pop and free coffee.  A special thanks to Josh Bury for the stellar photos of the event.

Also we raised $140 dollars for McMaster’s Children Hospital with the Raffle.  Which isn’t too shabby.

We’re looking into Steel City Showdown 2 but its still in talks, especially with the busy tournament scene in the next month.

We’ll be linking video of the event soon enough, until then here are some photos.

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  1. There was free coffee?! Man I missed out! The event was a ton of fun! I would totally go to another one.


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