Retro Review: Digimon World

Digimon World Review

By: David Habinski

Developer : Bandai
Publisher : Bandai
Platforms :Playstation
Genre : Adventure, Virtual-Pet
Mode : Single Player

I wanted this game to be good. I really did. I wanted it to be good 12 years ago and I wanted it to be yesterday.

Digimon World is the first game based off of the once popular Japanese franchise….Kind of. What the game seems to be mostly based off of is the virtual pet toys that were similar to Tamagotchis. These toys were actually the starting point of Digimon and, from what I can tell, the game was developed and released before the anime in Japan, making the toys the closest thing to source material that the developers would have had to work with. So essentially, Digimon World is a game based off a different type of game, and it’s not all that good. Continue reading

Ammo Dump – Custom Borderlands Vending Machine

Item Of The Day – Ammo Dump
Check out our Vendorlator Pop Machine! This is our custom Borderlands inspired vending machine. Designed and painted by our friend and local artist Kat Smith. All done in acrylic paint, with a custom Nuka-Cola button (we realize that Nuka-Cola is from Fallout).

You can check out our machine here at Super 1UP Games

Super 1UP Games
1917 King St E
Hamilton, ON